Best in Class Software and Marketing Solutions - Recommended

Best in Class Software and Marketing Solutions - Recommended

A few of our Recommended Tools for Advanced Business Management and Marketing Services.  Check out these 3rd Party Solutions... we are always updating it as we find new great applications, companies, systems and services that our clients may be looking for.  You can sign up and manage them independently or you can sign up through CI Web Group, so we can manage the strategy, customization, integration and training, or a combination of both.  

Affiliate Marketing Software (leverage your network) - LINK

Work with influencers. Grow your business. Automate the whole thing.

Content Writing, Editing, Blogging Services: LINK
Wholesale Content Writing Services... Blog Writing | SEO Article Writing | Social Media Content Writing | Website Copywriting.

CRM: OPTION 1 LINK, CRM, Online Scheduling, Invoicing, Text and Email Marketing: OPTION 2 LINK

Increase conversions, improve customer service, automate your business with an integrated crm and online scheduling system.

EMail Hosting: LINK

Get business email, video conferencing, online storage and file sharing.

Email Marketing, Campaigns, Automation: OPTION 1 LINK, OPTION 2 LINK, OPTION 3 LINK

Reply automates sending personalized emails and follow-ups. All emails sent from your personal business email and look 100% typed manually.

Gamification App Creator: LINK

The Growth Hacking toolkit that leverages gamification and incentivization to help website owners collect more leads, sales, and engagements

Incentive / Referral Marketing Software: LINK

An "incentive marketing platform" which allows companies to create highly-tailored rewards and referral programs with ease.

Interactive Calculators, Polls, Quizzes: LINK

Grow your business/website traffic, leads and sales exponentially through interactive calculators, quizzes, assessments, and polls.

Live Chatbot: LINK 

A premium live chat and help desk software. LiveChat helps you create an ultimate communication channel with your customers.

Mobile 1st Surveys: LINK - Survey Software: OPTION 2 LINK

Create and share highly engaging, mobile-first surveys that offer a chat-like experience.

On Demand Virtual Assistants/Outsourcing: LINK

Your on-demand, outsourced team of 100+ specialists to help you scale your business and get more done.

Online Web Forms: OPTION 1 LINK,  OPTION 2 LINK

Capture Leads without compromising your website, database and server security through SQL Injection.

Retargeting Software: LINK

Serve specific ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google to everyone who clicked on a link.

Social Marketing Publishing System: OPTION 1 LINK, OPTION 2 LINK

The World's #1 Social Media Sharing Tool!

Sales Automation Software: LINK

Sales Automation Platform. We enable sales teams to capture prospect information and run cold email campaigns.

Video Creation and Marketing (music, motion videos, clips, fx and more): LINK

ProductionCrate offers a wide variety of content for all your video making needs, From Music and Sound FX to Motion Graphics and VFX.

Quickbooks for Small Business: LINK

Independent contractors and freelancers save more using QuickBooks Self-Employed

Project Management Software: LINK

Recruiting Software: LINK

Landing Page Development System: LINK

Reporting Software: LINK

Online Chat: LINK

DIY Website Creation: LINK

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