"But Godaddy has $10 hosting plan"

"But Godaddy has $10 hosting plan"

We have seen this and are very familiar with Godaddy's hosting plan and it does not include most everything you need. Hosting, Security, Maintenance & Updates are a very critical part of your websites performance and SEO plan. Godaddy treats websites like a garage, they park it and let it rot. Here is the list of things we do that Godaddy will not do for you for that program:

CI Web Group Hosting:
  1. You have a backup server with daily keep and hold backups (not replace)
  2. You have a staging server for regular maintenance and refresh
  3. You have a live site server
  4. You have a CDN – Content Delivery Network
  5. Your website is Secure (https://) with an SSL Certificate renewed and recertified annually
  6. Site search – all searches reroute to google’s preferred secure URL structure https://www.yoursite.com/
  7. www.yoursite.com
  8. Yoursite.com
  9. https://yoursite.com/
  10. You have a 301 Redirect (request from Domain Registrar)
  11. Live site set to Index and Follow (/robots.txt file)

CI Web Group Maintenance, Security and Support Plan:
  1. You have adequate support plan “helpdesk” for break fixes
  2. You have a server and site maintenance plan including
  3. Remove Spam Comments
  4. Testing Contact Forms
  5. Fixing Broken Links
  6. Manual Plugins Updates
  7. Take Daily Backups
  8. Manual WordPress Updates
  9. Manual Theme Updates
  10. Database Compressions
  11. WP Protection
  12. PHP Updates
  13. Troubleshooting
  14. Server Management
  15. Clear Trash
  16. Manage Memory Limits
  17. Security Management
  18. HTTPS – SSL Security Certificate Maintenance
  19. Database Security
  20. Block Directory Access
  21. Monitor and Limit Suspicious Login Attempts
  22. Secure WP-Config Files
  23. Delete and Replace Plugins with Known Vulnerabilities
  24. Secure WP Versioning
  25. Disable Theme and Plugin Editor
  26. Block Known Brute Force Attacks
  27. Security Sweep
  28. Password Resets – High Security
  29. Robots.txt File Maintenance
  30. Sitemap Maintenance
  31. CDN – Content Distribution Network Maintenance
  32. CMS – Content Management System Maintenance
  33. Mobile First Compliance Maintenance
  34. Cross Browser Compatibility Maintenance
  35. Accelerated Mobile Pages Compliance Updates
  36. Schematic Markup Compliance Updates
  37. PHP Updates
  38. WP Updates
  39. Plugin Updates and Replacements
These are just a few of the things that we do....

The last time a client left to GoDaddy, their website got a virus from no maintenance and it was gone forever - GoDaddy couldn't even find a clean backup to restore. We had to start over. 

Godaddy is good for Domain Names - that's about it.
We host all our sites on WPEngine and we have them managed within ManageWP and we use Cloud Flare for Content Distribution Network and we use Amazon Web Services for Backups.

We have the best solution in the industry because we learned all the hard lessons early. You would be moving from a Lincoln to a Pinto.
In fact - we couldn't manage your refreshes because they don't give you a staging server. And SEO would tank because their load times are horrible and not compliant.
It's absolutely your choice I just want to make sure its an educated decision.

We will support any choice you make... you have been a long time client and we know if you leave you will come back, so we want everything to be easy and hopefully we save you some time as well.

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