CI Web Services and Pricing Overview - Highlights

CI Web Services and Pricing Overview - Highlights


It is equally important to know what services you are not subscribed to, in addition to the subscriptions or services which are within your agreement.  For a complete list of our services and pricing please email us at with the request.

WEBSITE AND LANDING PAGE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT (ONE TIME INVESTMENT): Design and development services to create websites and/or landing pages for the purpose of branding, operational efficiencies, marketing or company representation (content transfer, writing and editing are separate. Landing Pages start at $1000 - Buy Here. Preferred HVAC Dealer Website's start at $2500 (Additional Costs for Content Transfer and Writing).  Custom and Ecommerce Websites start at $5000.  


AMP (ACCELERATED MOBILE PAGES): Buy Here - Learn more Here.

LOGO DESIGN:  Basic Logo Design $400 - Buy Here. Custom hand drawn and PSD format $1000 - Buy Here.

GRAPHICS DESIGN (ONE TIME OR MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Design of assets such as Logos, Sliders, Promotional Graphics, Newsletters, Truck Wraps and Print. This can be quoted for individual projects or subscribed to on a monthly plan with rollover hours at a reduced rate. We will typically beat all Graphics Design Costs.

HOSTING & MAINTENANCE PLAN (MONTHLY INVESTMENT):  Server, Website Hosting, Security, Backups, Support, Plugin Updates, Theme Updates, Wordpress Updates, Database Compressions. Starting at $100 Monthly.

EMAIL HOSTING PLAN: Sign up for a Gsuite Trial Account here.

REFRESH AND REPLACEMENT PLAN: Receive a new website with upgraded design and technology every 24 months. The client has the ability to redesign or refresh the site at any time if the remainder of the 24 payments is made at that time. Starting at $100 Monthly.

WEBSITE ADMINISTRATION PLAN (ONE TIME OR MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Purchase hours individually, in bulk or on a subscription with rollover hours for ongoing changes, additions and edits to a live website. $75 Hour

CONTENT TRANSFER (ONE TIME INVESTMENT): Content from the existing website or provided by the client to be added to your new website. Content includes Text, Products, Images, PDF's, Video, Graphics, and more. $3 per Image, $10 per page or product.

CONTENT EDITING (ONE TIME INVESTMENT): Proofing and editing content for spelling, grammar and formatting. Varies, by hour - $50 Hr or by page. You can price out content here:

SEO CONTENT WRITING (MONTHLY OR ONE TIME INVESTMENT): SEO content writing is very general content specifically designed for achieving search engine rankings for a specific search phrases and target location. Investment depends on the number of words per page, type of content and quality of content /writer.  You can price out content here:

CUSTOM CONTENT WRITING (ONE TIME INVESTMENT):  Content written after interviewing your company with a mutually set intention and representative of your companies tone and ultimate message to be used for websites, email, newsletters, print, etc. Investment depends on the number of words per page, type of content and quality of content /writer.  You can price out content here:

CRM AND ONLINE SCHEDULING SYSTEM (MONTHLY INVESTMENT):  Software system integrated in website providing lead conversion forms, online appointment scheduling, contacts management, conversion landing page, email and text marketing depending on subscription.

CRM and Online Scheduling Solutions for small to enterprise business ERP systems. Starting at $100 Monthly. Sign Up Here. Learn More Here.

LOCAL BUSINESS LISTINGS (MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Set Up, optimization and ongoing updates, reviews monitoring and suppression management of the top 60+ local business listing directories resulting in increased views, directions requests, clicks and call conversions for your services. $300 Monthly - Sign Up Here.

NEARBY NOW (MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Third Party system used to collect localized check ins content and reviews content through a mobile app. CI Web Group leverages this content to increase site visibility by city in addition to the goal of driving increased conversions through continual collection of positive reviews. When coupled with an SEO plan, it can help increase page rankings and traffic to drive new leads in more cities. $300 Monthly - Sign Up Here.

SOCIAL MEDIA (1 TIME OR MONTHLY INVESTMENT): CI Web Group, Inc. offers branding, graphics design, content, full marketing and advertising services for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin and Instagram. Client participation will be required to approval graphics within 3 business days. Preference of publishing approval required before or publishing without approval will be determined by the required form  The Marketing Vault Form. Sign up for Facebook Marketing Plan Here.

ON PAGE SEO (1 TIME OR MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Search Engine Optimization.  White-hat onpage search engine optimization techniques designed to properly index the Page on major search engines by category, search term and location. Providing strategy, research, set up, integration, management and reporting. 

Medium Competition Geo Target Phrase - $30 Month - Add Phrases Here.
Low Competition Geo Target Phrase - $15 Month - Add Phrases Here.
High Competition Geo Target Phrase - $100 Month - Add Phrases Here.

OFF PAGE SEO (1 TIME OR MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Off page link-building strategies to improve the pagerank for search engine optimized pages of content. This is heavily impacted by your participation in local listings, social media, content enhancements such as blogging. Link Building is a Search Engine Optimization technique which is used to get backlinks (or votes) for a website. We strongly recommend clients to participate in their link building efforts by building links from their own industry related websites, PR, news and media outlets, government and educational institution websites, related product manufacturer and distributor websites. Link popularity matters. It is the measure of the quantity and quality of inbound links (backlinks) to your website.

CONTENT ENHANCEMENTS PLAN (MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Subscribe to monthly content enhancements to utilize for blogging, ongoing development of content on SEO pages to improve results, content modifications necessary to improve rankings and conversion results. You can price out content here:

EMAIL AND TEXT MARKETING (1 TIME OR MONTHLY INVESTMENT:  Design, development, content writing, database imports and overall management of email and text marketing campaigns leveraging your CRM or email marketing system.

PPC PLAN (1 TIME OR MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Advertising Management of Pay Per Click, display advertising or retargeting services through Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Providing research, strategy, set up, landing page design and development, integration, management and reporting. Learn More Here -

VIDEO SERVICES (1 TIME OR MONTHLY INVESTMENT): Video filming, scripting, editing, production, marketing and optimization of various kinds of videos. Including TV, ADS, Whiteboard, Educational, Promotional, Operational, etc. Learn More Here:

MOBILE APP: From simple to complex mobile apps, we provide the design, development, testing, submission, hosting and maintenance for Android and IOS.