Follow Up from CI Web Digital Evaluation and Strategy Session

Follow Up from CI Web Digital Evaluation and Strategy Session

Thank you very much for taking time to attend the Digital Evaluation and Strategy Session - The goal of this session is to identify:
  • Where are you
  • Where do you want to be
  • What are you working with
  • And what is going to take to get you where you want to be, based on where you are (i.e. creating the strategic plan)
I am sending over phase 1 of your strategic plan now.  As a reminder, we are very flexible and focused on designing a plan based on your goals and resources available. Our goal is to be as transparent and flexible as possible to ensure you have the best experience and become a client for life. If you need anything altered within the proposal, please do reach out and let me help further customize it to make it work.  As a reminder, you can add or change your service plan any time.  In fact, that's designed into our regular strategy sessions for growth:
  • What's working - do more of it
  • What's not working - reallocate it to something that is
  • What's next - What are you not doing yet, that you should be.
I also wanted to ensure you had some additional important links:  (Please take time to review)
Our CEO always says: "Without clarity we cannot focus. Without focus, we cannot execute and without execution we cannot win."
So, if anything's not clear, let's get clear so we can help you accomplish your goals.

Thank you!
Account Executive
CI Web Group, Inc.

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