Mindset and Page Count - We can predict a company's annual sales and growth.

Mindset and Page Count - We can predict a company's annual sales and growth.

It might be hard to believe, however - we have so much experience we can literally peg and predict a companies annual sales and growth path based on 2 things. 

Mindset and Page Count.

Page Count: 

  • A company with less than 10 pages is probably doing less than a 1/4 million in annual sales.
  • 25 pages - Estimate is a 1/2 million in annual sales.
  • 250 pages - Estimate is $5M
  • 450+ pages of optimized content - Estimate is $15 million in annual sales.

Are there exceptions, yes:

  • A company in a small town who's been in business since 1950.
  • Commercial work (which is primarily referral), etc.  But, don't fight the rule, we have way more examples that show... it's the rule than those exceptions.
  • A company doing warranty work or installations for Home Depot/Amazon (both typically have low margins and bad reviews)
  • A company consistently getting negative reviews or no reviews

The Logic:

Not Reality: The reason they have 450 pages and spend 5 figures a month on digital marketing is because they make 20m in sales. 
Reality: The reason they make 20m+ in revenue is because they followed the 12 Step Roadmap (they listen and learn) - manage their mindset and follow the strategy:
  • Do more of what's working.
  • Reallocate whats not working to something that is.
  • Always be asking what's next. What am I not doing yet that I should be.

Here's the #1 Cause of Failure: Mindset

Building a website and conquering the Google Giant to become the number 1 choice out of hundreds of thousands or millions of other pages is hard!
If you know it's hard, choose to be positive through the process!

2 Companies go through the Same Process (ride the same ride).

1 owner reacts like my Dad on the left and achieves ongoing success. 1 reacts like my Son on the right and is miserable through the process and just quits. Both are on a scary ride... Choose the right mindset to create the results you wish to achieve.

The same thing applies to a website project taking longer than the planned timeline - Here's the best example we can share: