Nearby Now Reviews Marketing and SEO

Nearby Now Reviews Marketing and SEO

Show-off your reputation. Earn new business. Regardless of your company's size or what technology you use, Nearby Now will help you take control of your reputation and generate more leads. We have analyzed dozen's of review acquisition sites.

Nearby Now (NBN) is a Software and App - Independently you can sign up for the software, but they and we highly recommend you hire an SEO and Implementation management team.

See the NBN Pricing and Solutions Here: (We recommend the SEO Pro Option)

Our NBN Pages Rank - # 1, 2, 3 and More on Google

By leveraging Reviews with SEO your time spent acquiring the review and our time spent optimizing the pages actually Makes our Clients New Money (Generates more leads).  We hear companies that have had a negative experience with Nearby Now - this is only because they subscribe to a Software without having the marketing team to leverage it to create results! Trust the experts... it's all Math and proof is in our reports.

Sign up for NBN, SEO and Maintenance:

CI Web Group is a certified implementation team providing the implementation, page and integration process, search engine optimization service and rankings by page (search engine key phrase and location optimized).  Managing up to 50 Pages Per $150 a month investment.  Sign Up for the software $149 and management/on page seo plan Here.  Or you can sign up for the software directly at and subscribe to SEO, Implementation and/or Management separately.

Nearby Now offers white label options for resellers such as Reviews Nearby, however, CI Web Group has always wanted to maintain transparency to ensure our customers know they have choices.  We have also done a complete review of many review acquisition software systems and would be happy to show you the pros and cons of each.

Smart business owners know their time is better spent doing what they do best and outsourcing the rest. Focus on high leverage activities, doing the things only you can do and get experts to do everything else and you will be among the top percent of companies who recognize massive growth year over year and eventually attain their goal of having more time, money and freedom!

Get More Positive Reviews

Studies show that the best time to ask for a review is immediately after completing the job. Nearby Now lets you ask for it before you leave the customer! We make it so easy that our clients average more than a 40% review response rate.

Dominate Local SEO

Easy integration provides search ranking benefits for your own website. Every checkin and every review drops a pin where your satisfied customers are, building a bigger reputation footprint every day to send you to the top of Google's rankings everywhere you work!

Easy to Use

Checkin with iOS, Android, and mobile web describing every time you serve a customer. Add photos, and soon, videos. Easily share checkins and reviews to Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, and more.

Team Leaderboard

Challenge your team to get the most reviews with the team leaderboard. View rankings on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis from our native mobile apps. The live team map keeps you up to date on the last checkin and location from every member of your team.

Real-Time Reporting

Schedule, save, and share comprehensive real-time reports for reviews, team leaders, checkins, team activity, city activity, site traffic, and customer information.

Full Data Ownership

You own the data Nearby Now helps you create, and you can export it any time. You’ll stay with Nearby Now because of the results, not because we hold your data hostage.

Better Rankings in Every City You Serve

With Nearby Now's website integration options, you can harness the true power of your great and growing online reputation, and send your website to the top of Google's rankings.

We provide full schema for each customer review and every checkin by your team -- exactly the way Google, Bing, and Yahoo prefer to recognize them and to give you full credit. Easily plug them into your own website for automatic updates to local pages for every city you serve, and make it easy for Google to show you the love with stars and review counts in your search results.

Get Tons of Reviews from All Over the Web

With Nearby Now, your happy customers can also be routed to your preferred local review pages, including Google+ Local (Google Places), Yelp, Merchant's Circle, YP, Angies List, and more! They won't have to look you up -- they'll land right on your review page, ready to share their great experience!

Using Nearby Now, it won't be long before you have the most and best reviews not only on your own website, but also on the top review sites on the internet.