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Getting a new website designed a developed is a project, while managing and further enhancing a website over time after the site goes live is a process that requires resources.  You can absolutely manage this process in house through your content management system or you can outsource this work to professionals who manage websites for a living. Website administration is the process of maintaining a website. This process is done by the website administrator. Website administrators are responsible for running the site after completion. Tasks in maintaining a functional website may include any of the following: 
  1. Content Changes
  2. Content Additions 
  3. Slider Changes
  4. Promotion Changouts
  5. Making Basic Layout Changes
  6. Adding, Removing and Changing Photos, Photo Galleries
  7. Adding or Changing Out Videos

Website Administration Plan Options:

Hourly Plan (One Time Investment): Buy Hours

Hourly Plan (Monthly Investment with Rollover Hours): Subscribe to Plan

When it comes to managing a live website - businesses have to choose:

Do you want to spend time or money?
As long as your website is built on a content management system you can absolutely manage and administer your own website - you will most likely just want to outsource the technical administration of your website and server - referred to as a Hosting and Maintenance Plan.  

Tech Plan: Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Updates and Support Plan - Subscribe to Plan

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