Web Design for an HVAC Contractor

Website Design Strategy - HVAC Contractor

Web Design for an HVAC Contractor

Your home page is the first thing consumers see when they land on your website.  Depending on their entry point, the header and footer area of the website is the most likely to be seen by every visitor, regardless of what page they enter from.  Here's the top priorities for the best conversions:

Top Level Navigation:

  • Home
  • About
    • Mission Statement
    • Our Team
    • Our Philosophy
  • Resources
    • SEER Calculator
    • Troubleshooter
    • Terminology
    • FAQ
    • Promotions
    • Rebates
    • Financing
    • HVAC Tips
  • Blog
  • Contact Us

Top Priorities for the Header area of your website:

  • Who you are - Your Logo
  • What you do - A Clean Navigation
  • Where you do it - "Servicing the X, X and Surrounding Areas
  • How to Reach you - Multiple Call to Actions for Various Consumers Immediate Needs
  • What other people Think of you

Secondary Navigation:

Obviously this depends on what services you sell and the order may be different depending on where you are located.
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Ductless
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Other Services
  • Financing
  • Promotions
  • Maintenance

Primary Call to Actions:

  • Schedules Service, Schedule a Tuneup, Schedule Maintenance
  • Get an Estimate, Online Estimate, Free Quote
  • Apply for Financing
  • Sign up for Maintenance
  • Leave a Review, Send us a Love Note, Review Us on Google
  • Read our Reviews
  • Specials, Promotions, Sign up for Internet Specials
  • Sign up for Home Tips, Subscribe to our Newsletter, 
  • Connect with us on Social Media for our Social Specials
  • Calculate your Savings
  • Talk to a Technician
  • Contact Us

Slider Content Ideas:

First and foremost, this area website should change year round. This may include investments in additional functionality, images, graphics design, etc. Plan for these as a part of a monthly budget for making ongoing changes to your website through our Website Admin Plan. Choose a set number of hours, use them monthly or let them accumulate and roll over for your seasonal changes. Click here to learn more options for making seasonal changes to your website.
  • Promotions (seasonal images, promotions, discounts, rebates)
  • In Business Since....
  • Celebrating x Years
  • The #1 HVAC Contractor in...
  • The most Trusted Contractor In...
  • Servicing
  • Team/Office/Truck Photos
  • Tagline (images of most recognized areas, communities, landmarks, building, place) 
  • Personalized Message/Commitment/Guarantee
  • Call to Action
  • Motion Video 
  • Quiz
  • Calculator
  • Assessment
  • Poll

Body Content / Container Content Ideas:

Don't add too many containers (too much stuff) to your home page! It will slow your site down and reduce performance. Avoid 3rd Party Widgets as your site won't load until the apps website loads. Slow load times reduce the sites overall rankings and performance.

  • Our Services Highlighted, What we Do
  • Who We Serve
    • Residential
    • Commercial/Light Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Rural
  • Why We Are Different, What our Customers Love About us, About Us
  • HVAC TroubleShooter
  • Savings Center
    • SEER Calculator
    • Promotions
    • Apply for Financing
  • Videos (how to, customer testimonials, education)
  • Featured Customer Reviews
  • Photo Gallery
  • Service Areas/Map
  • Our Promise

  • Logo
  • Address/Locations
  • License Number
  • Links to Social Media Sites
  • Business Hours
  • We're Hiring/Job Board
  • Picture of Truck
  • Payment Options - Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check, Apple Pay
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Employment
  • Warranty
  • Client Portal
  • Login

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