Yext Local Listings and Reviews Acquisition System

Yext Local Listings and Reviews Acquisition System

Take control of your online brand across 100+ digital services. If you are in the USA, the Yext Local Listing Management system is our technology of choice. 

You can absolutely sign up for your own account on Yext - however, CI Web Group has a full team of local listing management and content publishers ready to help you maximize your subscription. For $300 a month our team will ensure that not only will you take advantage of the basics within Yext, but we will help your business actually grow by publishing massive content to help increase your reach, views and conversions. Our managed services significantly outperform the basic service - Check out the report below.

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Smart business owners know their time is better spent doing what they do best and outsourcing the rest. Focus on high leverage activities, doing the things only you can do and get experts to do everything else and you will be among the top percent of companies who recognize massive growth year over year and eventually attain their goal of having more time, money and freedom!

CI Web Group Results Compared to Individual Yext Subscribed Dealers

Digital knowledge management problems? We have your solutions.

Whether you have one location or ten thousand, Yext offers a solution to the data issues that harm your business. We wrote the book on Duplicate Listing Suppression. We’ve cleansed data for some of the world’s biggest brands. We’ve built thousands of local SEO-friendly pages that are proven to increase inbound search traffic. And via our App Directory, our platform integrates with some of the world’s leading enterprise applications. Click below to learn more about how we solve problems to help you own your local presence online.


  • Data Cleansing
  • Duplicate Listing Suppression
  • Global Data Management
  • Google My Business Management
  • Listings Management
  • Local Pages
  • Local SEO
  • Menu Management
  • Store Locators & Directories
  • Voice Search Optimization

    Data cleansing doesn't have to be a chore.
    Multiple datasheets, multiple departments, multiple mistakes. Sound familiar? Yext will clean up the facts about your business across all your internal data sources, keeping it consistent within your organization, so you can be fully confident in the information you provide to customers.
    Read on to learn how Yext can help you maintain internal consistency.

    Take it all in.
    Yext's flexible APIs and App Directory reduce departmental silos so you can see the full picture more clearly. You'll import the latest information from your many spreadsheets, databases, and systems checking for inconsistencies and fixing errors — all from within our centralized platform.

    X marks the spot.
    From city blocks to malls, airports to hospitals, and farmhouses to general stores — Yext has navigation covered. We’re experts in geocoding and know the best ways to talk to maps, navigation apps, and GPS devices. So you can rest assured your customers will find the right directions every time, no matter which way they travel.

    Keep it clean.
    Once you've consolidated your digital knowledge internally, it's time to clean up that information online. Yext makes it easy to create a single update, either in bulk or to an individual location, and watch it appear across your own website and the entire PowerListings® Network.

    Collaborate and consolidate.
    Different teams throughout your organization contribute the many pieces that make up the full data profile for each of your locations. Yext’s centralized platform and App Directory help you bring all that digital knowledge together, even enabling local managers to contribute data for the locations they manage.

    Duplicate Listing Suppression
    HomeSolutionsDuplicate Listing Suppression
    Eliminate duplicates. End confusion.
    Duplicate listings cause major confusion for both customers and search engine crawlers. Worst of all, they hurt your local search rankings. Yext’s patented Duplicate Suppression process solves the problem of duplicate business listings once and for all. Read on and gain control.

    Stop seeing double.
    Our patented process begins with automatic detection, alerting you to duplicates before they cause problems. Then our direct publisher integrations ensure those duplicates are suppressed, correctly and continuously, according to each publisher's best practices.

    Go right to the source.
    Yext’s proprietary integrations connect you directly with publishers in our PowerListings® Network, so there's no middleman muddling your data. Go straight to the source with Yext, and be confident that you are always in control of your location information.

    Only do the work once.
    Once you've deactivated a duplicate listing, you don't want the same error popping up again. Yext suppresses duplicates according to each publisher's best practices, so you are guaranteed that the duplicates you fix are deactivated for good.

    Eliminate complications.
    Stay vigilant with Yext and monitor potential duplicates. Our automatic detection flags duplicates the moment they appear, so you can take care of them before they become an issue.

    Think global. Act local.
    The best global brands deliver amazing, local experiences online and off. The Yext Knowledge Engine helps you deliver such experiences with multilingual support, unmatched listings distribution, and a single source of truth for all of your digital knowledge. Read on to learn how we can help your global brand feel local everywhere.

    Local voices. Local resources.
    International expansion requires a deep understanding of local language and customs. Yext's multi-lingual capabilities help you deliver listings that respect both. Furthermore, our PowerListings® Network ensures that your listings appear on the local maps, apps, and search engines that matter in the countries you serve. With Yext, you truly can engage with customers all over the world.

    Address the part.
    Is this a state or a province? How many digits are in that zip code? What do local phone numbers even look like? The structure of digital knowledge varies greatly around the world. Yext pre-formats storage for 78 countries, so you understand and deliver exactly what’s required in every country.

    Empower your local experts.
    In an international marketplace, you rely on local representatives to put your brand's best foot forward. Yext’s flexible platform allows for multi-language data storage, enabling local employees to contribute their individual expertise.

    Fit in with your surroundings.
    International consumers expect to engage with your business the same way they engage with other local businesses. That means showing up in the places they search. With Yext, you can access relevant local publishers and meet your customers where they are.
    Google My Business Management
    HomeSolutionsGoogle My Business Management
    Google My Business just got easier.
    Google is the most prominent provider of search, maps, and apps, but manually updating your digital knowledge can be a painful process. Thanks to Yext’s integration with Google My Business, you can make your updates directly in our platform, then publish to Google at any time. Read on to learn how we make updating Google My Business fast and simple.

    Don't waste time.
    The information you publish on Google is extremely visible, so you need to be able to update it quickly. The Yext PowerListings® Network gives you unprecedented control of your digital knowledge across Google Search, Google Maps, Google+, and more.

    Get exclusives.
    By updating Google through Yext, you get access to unique capabilities beyond what’s available through manual management or even the Google My Business API. Our exclusive Publisher Suggestions feature automatically reverts Google updates, enabling you to accept or reject suggested content directly from within the Yext dashboard.

    Take advantage of advanced access.
    Everyone likes to be first. As Google continues to update the Google My Business API, you'll occasionally be able to take advantage of new capabilities through Yext before they become available in the Google My Business dashboard. You'll stay ahead of the competition and leverage the latest updates — like menus — the moment Google launches it.

    Find your center.
    Consistency across the channels helps your Google presence. Make Yext your single central digital knowledge source, and watch every update appear across Google and all the other sites, maps, apps, and location services in the PowerListings Network. You'll save time and get found faster.
    Listings Management
    HomeSolutionsListings Management
    Banish bad business listings.
    Incorrect business listings are frustrating for customers and hurt your search rankings. Take control of your business listings with Yext. We have direct integrations with the industry’s largest network of maps, apps, search engines, and social networks, so your locations perform better in search and your customers find you at the moment of decision. Read on to learn more.

    Kiss manual updates goodbye.
    Manual listings updates are tedious, and aggregator solutions deliver unpredictable results. With Yext, you update once and publish updates across the entire PowerListings® Network, giving you real-time control and guaranteeing that your listings are accurate everywhere, every time.

    A job ... well, done.
    Once you’ve created a business listing or published an update, you don’t want anything overriding your work. Yext’s patented Match & Lock™ process protects your data from unauthorized changes. Our patented Dual-Sync™ technology also verifies the status of your listings so you instantly know when each one is live.

    Enhance listings. Entice customers.
    Achieve more with your listings with our patented Clickable Featured Message™. Add promotional links and calls to action right in your listings, driving traffic directly back to your website. From evergreen offers to seasonal specials, you'll showcase what matters most to customers at the local level.

    Local SEO
    HomeSolutionsLocal SEO
    Take control of your local SEO.
    Every search is a local search. Using the Yext Knowledge Engine to manage your local listings, your locations and people will perform better in search results and your customers will find the information they need. Read on to learn how we help local businesses improve their local SEO.

    Find your center.
    Save time and ensure your information is correct across channels by centralizing your data. Yext enables you to power your internal systems, website, and mobile app, along with our entire PowerListings® Network, all from a single central source. Search engines will trust your site and consumers will find you more easily.

    Be consistent.
    One of the keys to local SEO is making sure your data is consistent everywhere. Our custom-built local landing pages and integration-based partnerships with Google, Apple, Facebook, and over 100 other third-party apps, maps, and directories mean you can be sure your information is the same — everywhere.

    Power rich experiences.
    Intelligent services are answering questions about your brand every day by providing reviews, locations, people and events as structured data in search engines or as voice responses. SEO is no longer about just showing up first in a list of results, but providing the right information to consumers through rich experiences. If the data on your web pages is accurate, consistent and optimized, these intelligent services consider your website to be an authoritative source, and they will use your data to power these rich experiences.

    Be clear. Be crawlable.
    You need your information to be easy to read — both for customers and for intelligent systems. Yext Directories, Locators, and Local Pages are built according to industry standards and best practices. We tag every field, from categories, to hours, to events, ensuring search engines understand all your information, so it shows up in search and powers the rich experiences provided by intelligent services.

    Locators & Directories
    HomeSolutionsLocators & Directories
    Loyal customers deserve your best location information.
    Optimize your website for both loyal customers and intelligent services.

    Your customers are already using your website and app on the go. With a Locator or Directory from Yext, you ensure they receive the most current and accurate information about your locations and your people. Read on to learn more.

    Desktop or mobile. Always accurate.
    Give consumers the best experience, no matter what kind of device they are using to search. Yext Locators & Directories are designed to your specifications and built with cutting-edge technology, so they always present accurate, on-brand location information no matter the device.

    Be clear. Be crawlable.
    You need your information to be easy to read — both for customers and for intelligent systems. Yext Locators & Directories are built according to industry standards and best practices. We tag every field, from categories, to hours, to people, to events, ensuring that search engines can find and understand all of your information, so it shows up in search.

    Let us do the work.
    Our Locators & Directories are custom-made by our in-house consulting team according to industry best practices and your specific business needs. We build each Store Locator with a custom design so it’s bespoke and always on brand.

    Start strong.
    No one likes to wait. The Yext pages team can get your Locators & Directories up and running quickly. And once you're connected to the Yext Knowledge Engine, you'll be able to update your information at a moment's notice.

    Voice Search Optimization
    HomeSolutionsVoice Search Optimization
    Voice search is here. Is your business ready?
    Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana. These intelligent services have become household names, with 71% of people now using voice search for common tasks. The use of voice-enabled speakers will rise 130% by 2019, and it is estimated that 50% of all searches will be conducted by voice or image by 2020. These trends are already creating a seismic shift in how consumers find information about your brand. Are you ready?

    Optimize your website for voice search.
    Voice search engines rely on structured data to provide rich results like hours, addresses, or photos. So you need to ensure your site’s content is structured in a way these services understand. With Yext Knowledge Tags, you can add structured data (known as Schema) to your website with just a single line of code.

    Banish bad answers.
    Duplicate listings, inaccurate addresses, wrong hours. Voice search results only give users one answer, with less context than conventional search. That means it’s even more critical that you eliminate incorrect info before Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant finds it. Upon implementation, all Yext clients benefit from our rigorous data cleansing process to ensure their data is formatted consistently and completely.